2D final design

Nov 03 , 2018

2D final design

The final design are now locked into 2D sketch and we made the decisions on what movement, material and watch strap design we should go with.

At the moment all 2D designs are converted into 3D files for prototype making.

My plan about using only 3D files in good rendering for the crowdfunding campaign has changed a nit, now i want to use the prototype to marketing and promote the watch for the crowdfunding.

Making the prototype is costly when dont make a big order at the same time, but the succes rate of the crowdfunding campaign is much higher if the audience can see a working prototype compared to a fully renderd 3D version that looks almost like the real watch. I have seen the 3D files and the watch looks amazing, and ofcourse i cannot wait to show you soon.

We just recently send in the design protection also, just to be safe and protect the company and all the hard work behind the watch.

We are already promoting the watch all over the world and we have already massive interest in the watch and the email list growing rapidly.

We also get alot of comments on the instagram and facebook page about how great project it is, and that just make us work harder, so we can make this watch come to live!!


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