Black leather strap available for the Jolly Roger model

Nov 22 , 2020

Black leather strap available for the Jolly Roger model

We are testing different black leather straps for the Jolly Rogers and the Blue PVD model as an option to the original designed nylon strap.

Seen from a designer perspective and a new watch brand, trying to find our way - we listening very carefully to the feedback we get and change to make the best possible options for our customers, we always try to make things better and improve as a business to make professionals products.

We now know that most people prefer a leather or metal strap, but when we designed our fist straps, we choose nylon since it fit well within the aircraft industry on harness and straps in cockpit since very strong, where leather are rarely seen now a days.

The F-14 original come with a US made Horween leather strap, and the Jolly Rogers and Blue PVD will come with a black or brown leather option on checkout.

The new F/A-18 Hornet inspired come with a Titanium bracelet with pattern inspired from the 20 degree angled tail fins.

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