Only 8 backers more - Pitot F16

Jan 27 , 2019

Only 8 backers more - Pitot F16

We have been working hard to get our campaign backed, but i'ts hard when only on concept stage
without prototype to show upfront orders.

Only 8 more!!!

The campaign will run out 17. Feb, but we can order the prototype with only 8 backers more,
and we put the rest on top of our cost of design already.

We really want to make this watch come true after all the good feedback
from upcoming customers, 700+ fans on instagram and 400+ fans on twitter and emails lead list, that all have shown interest in our project

Back here on Indiegogo:

The watch come with a custom made watch box that match the amazing watch.

When we have the prototype, we gonna make the main campaign on kickstarter big time and aim to get funded for 300 watches, but only with 50% of expected retail price - so if you are fast and back the prototype, you get a very nice watch with big discount!!

Br Thomas Clausen,


  • 27 Jan 2019 Robert P. Aymond

    I’ll back you guys as much as possible. I want to see your company succeed & become successful. Your watches are totally different looking than any other I’ve seen & id like to own one. Best of luck!

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