Pitot F16 2D watch update

Dec 13 , 2018

Pitot F16 2D watch update

I want to share the latest 2D update with you, since you took your time to subscribe for any news.

The new update has an laser engraving on the backcase with the profile of the F16 and key data:

The watch case is made from Titanium 5 Alloy.
Strap is inspired from the pilots PCU 15 harness in material and sewings.
Movement is a swiss made Ronda 5030D Quartz with chronograph.
Crown will be in stainless 316.
Buckle will be in Tinaium 2.
Back case 316 with laser engraving.
Sidefins inspired from the wing signature.
The famous airintake below dial and with a static rotor.
The dial is inspired from the airframe structure: spars, longerons and stringers.
Subdials are printed in green on rotating glass discs inspired from the cockpit.
In top of dial, a print inspired from the PFD.
In top of case is the antenna inspired pattern from just in front of the canopy on the nose section.

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  • 13 Dec 2018 Khalid Hafeez

    I appreciate the idea of designer. It’s really excellent work. This kind of the watches can made a person unique.
    I love it.

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