Next Watch

We are working with a new designer previously worked for swatch group, on the new F/A-18 Super Hornet inspired watch.

This year 1st Oct 2021 we gonna run a Indiegogo campaign after all the F-14 watches has beeen sent out. Only 15 backers will be allowed to support the new watch with an extra low price.

The funding go to build the new prototype in titanium with a Swiss Ronda quartz movement. Later this year Top Gun: Maverick will be released, so we gonna work on the Super Hornet since they fly that jet in the movie. Also Blue Angels received their first Super Hornet this year, the one from Top Gun, how cool is that!

The watch will come in three color edition: Original, Maverick and Blue Angels inspired.

Sign up to prelaunch on Indiegogo here:


We are trying to get the Blue Angels logo officially licensed to display on the dial on the Blue Angels inspired watch.

Here is the new trailer, looking forward to to see it in the cinema, look close and note the F-14 Tomcat at end of trailer, exciting!