Model F-14

Our intro market watch is the automatic avioator watch inspired by the F-14 Tomcat and Top GUN. We made three models all build on the F-14 Tomcat inspired case and individually inspired by VF-84 Jolly Rogers Fighter Squadron, Mavericks helmet from Top Gun and finally a 50'th year anniversary watch witht the original Grumman Tomcat logo and an american made Horween leather starp. All are using the Seiko NH-35 automatic movement and are designed in Denmark and made in Germany, our neighbour country.


Model PW18

We are currently working on a F/A-18 Hornet inspired watch. As soon as we have the design protection in place we can start reveal pictures. We expect to run a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign in 2021 to fund the production. The watch will be made in Titanium with a titanium bracelet and carbon dial, with an option of a leather strap. Our goal is to build it of EcoTitanium(Titanium recycled from airplane production).

Here shown a Canadian CF-18 model

Model PW16

Our first watch design were inspired by the F-16 - we will redesign it and make a relaunch when ready.