F/A-18 Super Hornet inspired (Prototype production)



Swiss Ronda Quartz

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On Indiegogo 1st October EST 8 am - Only 15 pieces are available at a low price of €225/$263!

Link to campaign: Indiegogo

The funding goes to prototype production and marketing of the Kickstarter, later in early 2022 we run a big Kickstarter to fund the production of 300 watches or more!

Titanium watch case with Swiss Quartz movement and custom-made rubber strap with a foldable lock.

We gonna offer 3 different color options: Original, Blue Angels, and Top GUN: Maverick-inspired. We are trying to get the Blue Angels logo on the dial of the blue model.


Hi There, I'm Thomas and I have dedicated my life to build up a danish watch company with watches inspired by fighter jets.
As a former aircraft mechanic in the RDAF and with a passion for watches and fighter jets, I have a dream of making fighter jet-inspired watches and build up a new watch company based in Denmark.
We aim to use swiss movements and assembly lines in Europe in our watches for the future.
When we develop a watch we look for the key features from the fighter jets and try to incorporate these elements into the watch using both watch ccase and dial.
Our intro to market watches, 3 models inspired by the F-14 Tomcat the inspiration we worked with are the air intakes, engine fan, and flight instruments, ejection seat, and the Tomcat logo.
We combined it with inspiration from Top Gun, the F-14 rotor was inspired by the famous scene where they fly inverted and giving the bird. The rotor actually "flies" inverted when charging the automatic movement.

After running crowdfunding campaign on both Indiegogo and Kickstarter, I managed to start the production of our first 300 watches inspired by the F-14 Tomcat.

After doing great sales on preorder and by crowdfunding I managed to sell 10% of the company to an investor to develop the company and to support production further.

Our next watch will be inspired by the F/A-18 Hornet in Blue Angels colors.