100% funded

May 12 , 2020

100% funded

With amazing support, we hit the funding goal in 12 days, that's truly amazing!

Thank you for believing in this and your support all the way.

Since I started my idea 2 years ago I have not looked back and invested all I have into the firm and the watches we developed so far, this funding will be the reason we can grow as a company and start a whole new watch series of watches inspired by fighter jets.

We have some amazing watches lined up in the near future and you will see how much we have developed in knowhow and design of watches already.

I have met amazing support via my Instagram profile and via Facebook groups, and some contacts have turned into partnerships and ambassadors that will help us grow into an established watch brand over the years.

After cooling my thumbs in ice water, after an intense period on Instagram, I will continue to work on over funding to help with product development and the small bills that add up to keep all running.

I'm looking forward to hitting the next stretch goal, so all can have a nice NATO strap with the watch also. 

The campaign will run 13 days more:


Br Thomas

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