2x Bonus added

Nov 04 , 2019

2x Bonus added

With 6 days left and 187% funded, I want to give a little bonus for all early backers who are helping us get a new Seko NH35 movement to upgrade before we relaunch the big crowdfunding campaign in March 2020.

F14 Tomcat model + 50% discount voucher
(Model size 1:100 - the voucher is for future use in our webshop on any products)

Support for only $250 = You help us with the prototype and we ship excellent value to you!
So if you not already have backed it on Indiegogo, this could be your chance to get the new watch with the Seiko NH35 movement + F14 Model + 50% voucher for webshop + 2 straps + a travel bag + an extra-low price for the quality watch before the watch land in the webshop on pitotwatches.com for $550.

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