F-14 Jolly Rogers inspiration

Sep 09 , 2021

F-14 Jolly Rogers inspiration

The inspiration to the F-14 Tomcat inspired watch came from Top Gun, my all time favourite movie. I think I'ts awesome they made an Top Gun: Maverick, I already designed an F/A-18 Super Hornet inspired watch in Mavericks new plane color.

I decided to make an Jolly Rogers edition of the F-14 watch, since the F-14 is famous for its role in the movie, The Final Countdown with Kirk Douglas, Martin Sheen and Katharine Ross.

The history of the Jolly Rogers squadron goes way back to the time they flew the F4U Corsair. You can read more about them here: VF-17 Jolly Rogers.

VF-17 Wiki info here

From the crowdfunding campaign that helped backed the prototype and production I received a picture from "Rock" in the VF-84 Jolly Rogers, sharing a good time after a long day.

The story behind the picture:  "The picture was taken in 1989 while I was visiting a German Tornado II officer club in northern Germany.  Unfortunately the officer club scene had pretty much gone away these days.  No more Top Gun bars going on.  To risky to a pilot's career to be drinking too much.  Pansies 😁."



jolly rogers vf vf84

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