F-14 Jolly Rogers watch takes the first flight

Sep 10 , 2021

F-14 Jolly Rogers watch takes the first flight

With help from backers all over the world, we managed to start a small new watch brand with watches inspired by fighter jets.

As Im writing this we have watches on the way to backers all over the world with DHL and watches to the US for photoshoot with the VF-84 Jolly Rogers jet and for a flight in an F-5 Tiger to make a video.

We have also been lucky to have the opportunity to sponsor an airshow pilot with his own former military airplane. Jakob is a former pilot from the RDAF. Say hi to Jakob that we will sponsor to help at his airshows, follow him and support him at @aerialfour on instagram.

F-14 Jolly Rogers sponsor jakobjakob flying with pitot f-14 jolly rogers

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