F-14 meet F-14

Sep 16 , 2021

F-14 meet F-14

At Naval Air Station, Jacksonville an VF-84 Jolly Rogers is on display. A good friend of mine went to visit with two of the watches to meet the inspiration source.

Amazing to see the pictures after working so long on the project.

The aviator fans who received the watches are truly happy with the outcome and quality.

We are getting good reviews and looking forward to develop more watches for the aviator fans out there. 



  • 16 Sep 2021 Thomas Clausen

    Hi Paul – I would love to make VF 142 Ghostriders, unfortunately, at the moment it is not possible. We have a model that I made to cover all squadrons, it is a 50th-year anniversary watch with the inscription for the first flight “21 Dec 1970 – 2020” and also having the original Grumman Tomcat logo on the dial. Link here: https://pitotwatches.com/collections/shop-mixed/products/f14-tomcat-automatic-watch

  • 16 Sep 2021 Paul Baker

    I worked on the F14 Tomcat for 9 years in the Navy and also in DEPOT level upgrades at NAS Jacksonville. I definitely want to get a watch but do you offer different squadron logos on the watch face? I would love to have VF 142 Ghostriderson the watch.

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