F14 Tomcat inspiration

May 19 , 2019

F14 Tomcat inspiration

The new F14 Tomcat blue PVD inspired watch in inspired both by the F14 fighter jet, with its big air intakes and also in color from Maverick's helmet in the famous Top Gun movie with Tom Cruise and Kelly Mcgillis, Val Kilmer, etc.

The big air intakes are shown as a key signature on the side of the stainless 316 cases as a cutout, and to give some depth, PVD black steel inserts and mounted with a hex screw.

The case itself is coated with blue PVD, similar to the blue color form Mavericks helmet.

The strap has all the colors from the helmet and looks sporty and in nylon material.

On the dial, at 12H an F14 print is showing the F14 with wings fully out.

The case at 9H has an F14 engraved on the side and on the back case is engraved the famous saying: ANYTIME BABY

The rotor of the Miyota 821 is specially designed and has the outline of an F14 Tomcat, who spins when the watch is moving - looks cool when going inverted!



airintake F14 Tomcat Topgun

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