F14 Tomcat Jolly Roger fully funded

Apr 20 , 2019

F14 Tomcat Jolly Roger fully funded

Recently the mini-campaign on Indiegogo ended and its a pleasure to tell you that we reached our goal and a bit more - we ended on 156% funding!

The fact that these watches are sold without any prototype, with only the concept and of course the detailed drawings/renderings, are proof for us that these watches will be a big success when we launch the big campaign on Kickstarter.

I work hard now to prepare the main campaign, with different kind of tactics, so we can be well funded the first day, and hopefully reach the goal for a minimum 300 watches to order.

F14 indiegogo


  • 20 Apr 2019 rodney w. joned

    Are there any of these watches still available for purchase ??
    Thank you…
    R.W. Jones USN

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