Final Pitot F14 design going to manufacturer

Mar 06 , 2019

Final Pitot F14 design going to manufacturer

Dear readers,

Today finally the watch have arrived in final 2D to the manufacturer and will now rise to a beautiful watch prototype with all its delicious details inspired from the f14 Tomcat and the fighter squadron VF84, call name "Jolly Rogers".

Pitot F14

The watch has some big ai rintake on the sides with a black steel PVD insert for contrast to look like the big black airintake when look in.

Watch case is made of stainless steel 316L with see through in the back, and with a finish of glass-bead blasting to get that grey color look alike to the airplane skin paint.

The dial concist of both the F14 in silhuet and the skull inspired from the VF84 squadron. Also we have date window incorporated to keep it functional, since it's nice to see both date and the time.

Movement is an automatic, and we did choose the Miyota 821A for this project, and made the rotor look like a F14 seen from behind with the big engines in silhuet tohether with the nozzle pattern from the exhaust in the outer ring of the rotor, pls think about Goose from Topgun giving the bird when fly inverted, every time the rotor spins around.

The strap follow the color palette and is a 22 mm nato textile.

Crown is engine inspired, like the hands are inspired from the aviation industry.

Please keep an eye out for the kickstarter campaign, if you are not already signed up for the newsletter you can sign up here and get news about the Pitot F14:

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