Hard work pays off - now 46% funded in 7 days

Sep 11 , 2019

Hard work pays off - now 46% funded in 7 days

The last week have been very busy as you could imagine - but with 46% 7 days into the campaign is a very promising sign.

We believe we can make this happen with the support of our followers and the fans of aviation watches. 

I really like to get the stories and the feedback from our backers - and the pictures i receive from all over the world, shows some amazing planes and history - it makes me very happy that others also share our passion for aircraft and watches.

We are currently working on a new design called F14 Tomcat - it comes in black with a black leather strap and the Tomcat emblem at 6H - it looks awesome, and can be ordered as soon as it's viewable on the campaign as a stretch goal have been fulfilled at 70.000DKK.

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