Important launch information

Jul 29 , 2023

Important launch information

Hey everyone,

It's Thomas from PITOT Watches, and I'm just writing to let you know, before ANYONE else...

That the F/A-18 Super hornet inspired watch will be LAUNCHING on Kickstarter 

Tuesday, 8th of August at 8 AM PT!



If you haven’t already, I recommend reserving your Super Hornet inspired watch for only $1.


Because on the first day of the campaign, we’ll be giving VIPs access to the best discount we will offer of 40% off retail before anyone else.

Remember, with the F/A-18 Super Hornet inspired watch you'll get:

  • A unique designed Titanium aircraft alloy watch
  • Inspired by The Blue Angels
  • Inspired by key features from the Super Hornet
  • Made by former Danish Aircraft Mechanic for aviator fans
  • With a Swiss made Quartz Movement - 10 jewels / Gold plated
  • Made in Germany
  • Tachymeter and Chronograph


Upgrade To VIP For Only $1


Thank you, and talk soon,

- Thomas

PITOT Watches Aps

P.S. If you don’t upgrade to VIP, you’ll still get a launch discount, but it won’t be as big as the VIP discount!

Click here to upgrade to VIP for exclusive discounts

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