Inspection of watch parts

Mar 07 , 2021

Inspection of watch parts

We finally reached March month, where all the watch parts will be finished in the production and the assembly can begin in start April. Soon we can show the first pictures of the F-14 watch dial with the original tomcat logo for the first time. The watches will undergo strict quality control in the production and on the assembly line in northwest Germany which is within driving distance from Denmark.

The next two months will be busy with sort out all the small details with shipping, warranty cards, preorder sale, and inspection of the watches. We look forward to starting shipping out, and with 140 watches sold already, we already have to plan for the next batch to start production in July.
We gonna make one or two models with a stainless steel bracelet in brushed steel. Maybe this one:

F-14 Tomcat watch with stainless steel bracelet



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