Kickstarter launch Tuesday 3. Sep 4 pm GMT

Aug 31 , 2019

Kickstarter launch Tuesday 3. Sep 4 pm GMT

I'm happy to announce that we are ok for launch Tuesday 3 Sep 4 pm GMT.

A lot of work behind this project and we have come far, not only have we made these amazing prototypes that are ready to send, the factory did an incredible job, from our 3D files and instructions - we have also been working on the new F18 Hornet automatic watch, that we can reveal the first pictures of when design protection is approved.

Another great thing about making these watches inspired by fighter jets, apart from the exciting development phase, is the bonus of getting to know passionate people about aviation from all over the world - and when they start to help you promote our work, if feels like we are absolutely on the right track.

Next week all our hard work hopefully pays off with a fully-funded campaign so we can continue the journey with making amazing watches inspired by fighter jets.

As soon as the campaign goes live on I will update the website and all other channels I'm using.




F14 kickstarter launch

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