Maverick watch updated with a new strap

Dec 03 , 2021

Maverick watch updated with a new strap

We updated the Maverick watch with the F-14 rotor with a new strap design. The new strap is a coop between PITOT and Nickmankeydesigns in the US.

The straps are of high quality in the craftmanship, they are all hand sewed by Nick and come with his unique hookstrap system.

The inner pattern is inspired from the ejection seat handle, and the text "PULL TO EJECT" pointIing to the hookstrap release system.

We added a cool F-14 on a radar to the existing hazardliner design from Nickmankeydesigns and made an special F-14 watch and strap available at

Link: Maverick watch with F-14 hazardliner


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