Maybe last chance

Oct 26 , 2019

Maybe last chance

Dear F14 fans and aviator lovers
When we launched this campaign, there was so much work, and I had to quit my work because of too much stress.
While quitting my work, I realized there is so much work in this already and we are so close to getting the watches into production, and I have been working fulltime without pay since.
When working fulltime, we have discovered other possibilities to start the production, and we are close to land a deal where we simply borrow the money as a company loan and start the production.
What this means for you as a possible backer, there maybe never will be a Kickstarter campaign again for the F14 watches, with extra low prices for help getting the watches into production. could maybe be the last chance to get the F14 watch for only $250.
So if you not already have backed it on Indiegogo, this could be your chance to get the new watch with the Seiko NH35 movement + 2 straps + a travel bag + an extra-low price for the quality watch before the watch land in the webshop on for $550.


  • 26 Oct 2019 imtias

    This watch is very nice, but I don’t have enough money

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