Pitotwatches change status to Pitot Watches Aps

Jul 13 , 2019

Pitotwatches change status to Pitot Watches Aps

While waiting for the first four F14 prototypes we have been busy changing the status of my company to our company :) - two partners have come on board and we are now Pitot Watches Aps.

In the same waiting time I have been busy creating the new F18 Hornet inspired watch. The sketches look awesome and we are ready to move on the next phase in the product development.

Another big step is coming around the corner, and we are now preparing the long and awaited Kickstarter campaign with the real watches.

Next month the 16-18 August is the Roskilde Airshow, just outside the city I live in, so that's a really cool event with lots of exciting planes on display and in the air, day and evening!

Link to Roskilde Airshow: https://www.airshow.dk/


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