Production update

Mar 23 , 2021

Production update

Dear All

We are now receiving pictures from the finished parts - due to travel restrictions we are not allowed to go to the factory, as a plan B we have hired an external onsite quality control company to do the inspection.

The production has its own quality control when receiving parts from sub-suppliers, now we have external QC also and again there will be QC on arrival and when assembled in the factory in Germany.

We are waiting for all parts to be onsite before QC, after approval we gonna start the shipping when having size and weight.

Watch parts will be arriving at the factory in early/mid-April and then 14 days of assembly.

Here the first picture of the F-14 Tomcat logo edition before assembly:

The Tomcat logo has been 3D printed and extra lumen applied to numbers.

Because of the preorder sales strategy from Dec-Feb, we managed to unlock the last part of the investment for further development and growth, it was crazy since Dec and January are very tough months to sell and then on preorder!!

I can share with you all that I have a new job, to help us with further growth also, the burn rate of salary is big, so by working in another job, we can grow faster since having more cash available.

Further, we are going to sponsor an airshow pilot and his airplane, we will get a logo on the plane and helmet/shirt. We are looking forward to helping each other.

I will update in April if all go as planned!

Br Thomas

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