Research and moodboards

Oct 21 , 2018

Research and moodboards

Im gonna talk a little about the process behind the watch development, so you can follow along and see the progress.

After a lot of research we made many moodboards with special signatures from the plane that we wanted to make a watch from - the choice fell easy on the F16 since that was the plane i was servicing when i started as a apprentice in the danish airforce

My original idea was to have original plane parts inside the watch, but it's very hard to find planes and very costly since most planes is still stored for many years forward in a dessert somewhere and waiting to come back in service or used for spareparts. Also i'am going to build alot of different watches, so i rather want to use the same material alloy used for building the aircraft originally.

After pin down all the special features of the airplane we wanted to use, we made the initial sketches and got five different sketches to choose from. If you sign up to our newsletter you can see what sketch we decided to work with, you can use this link to see more news about the watch

In the next article i will talk more about where we are now.


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