Reservation open for the new F/A-18 Super Hornet inspired watch

Feb 20 , 2022

Reservation open for the new F/A-18 Super Hornet inspired watch

The new F/A-18 Super Hornet watch are in the prototype phase and we are preparing the big Kickstarter campaign. 

This year gonna be different, since we has teamed up with Launchboom who is an approved Kickstarter partner who will help us with the campaign.

Also, I have teamed up with a former Danish Airforce pilot, Jakob, who will help me since he love what we are doing. Jakob has bought his own former military plane and are appearing in airshows around Europe.  His wife, Daisy, is a graphic designer and will also be helping with the campaign.

Link to reservation

We have a great team this season, and a great design with help from a previous Swatch Group designer, and we are working with a pro agency, so we are really looking forward to launch the new watch on Kickstarter summer 2022.

So, this year gonna be a bit different since we already opened for early bird preorder reservations on the webshop. By submitting a fee of $1 you reserve a watch by own choice for lowest possible discount.



Watch info:
Titanium watch case with Swiss Quartz movement and custom-made rubber strap with a foldable lock. Subdial inspired by twin engine exhausts. Crown inspired by pylon eject button in the cockpit. Diamond formation at 6H on the Blue Angels and ILS(Instrument landing System) graphic at 6H on the green cockpit inspired model.

Choose between two color options: Green/Black(Cockpit) or Blue/Yellow(Blue Angels). 

Blue Angels inspired  Cockpit inspired

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