Status and preorder news

Mar 02 , 2020

Status and preorder news

Dear visitor
Sorry to have been quiet for a while. What I have not shared before now, is that my wife got diagnosed with cancer 2 hours after I pressed the launch button on the latest Indiegogo campaign for the prototype of the new upgraded watches.
I had already quit my job to go fulltime on the watches and my wife had to start treatment immediately to cure cancer and we suddenly were without any job and I had to use my pension to survive us both.
We are now in a state were we can work again and we are looking forward to continuing with the project and fulfill our responsibility for the backers so far.

We have decided to sell our newest F14 original watch as preorder via our website to start production and kickstart the company.

The watch will be a limited edition of only 300 watches all numbered(the original backers still count for the first sales). I have the only goal in life right now and that is to build this company and deliver some really cool watches inspired by fighter jets to all aircraft and watch lovers.

Talk soon with news about the pre-order plans, br Thomas CEO Pitot Watches Aps

F14 news preorder status


  • 02 Mar 2020 Thomas

    Thank you Norbert :)

  • 02 Mar 2020 Norbert

    Dear Thomas,

    Really sorry to hear what has happened to you.
    I just found this website and read your story after I upload my comments on Indiegogo.
    Just hoping that your wife is getting much better now and wish you all the best with your watches company. Don’t give up and keep up the good work bro, I’ll be waiting for your next watch creation.
    Regards, Norbert

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